Sunday, May 6, 2012


CHANGE:  We often resist it, but truth be told, it’s the only way to grow.  Tension and resistance are needed to effectively shed our old skin before donning the new.  
The truth is when we learn to embrace change, we grow in a way that’s more harmonious.

Using the coaching process to facilitate change involves the following steps:
  1. Assisting clients to clarify their vision and goals and creating a safe space to dream BIG! 
  2. Creating a plan for change 
  3. Moving through the plan and addressing roadblocks together
  4. Developing new skills and resources
  5. Holding clients accountable 
  6. Reminding clients of their Why (motivation) to maintain focus
  7. Celebrating victories! :)
  8. Leveraging momentum to create more change
HOW DO I START?  We begin with a free 30 minute consultation, then commence our work together by committing to a certain number of sessions; this creates the space and structure for our work together. 

After completing the set number of sessions, we take time to REASSESS, REVIEW and RESTRATEGIZE.  This is an important part of the process:  looking at the results we've created and using that momentum to continue onward and upward!

Interested in learning more?  Email me at  We will set up a consultation appointment to explore the changes you want to create in your life and make sure we are a good match!

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